Fundraising and Donations

We are now concentrating on individual village adoption scheme under Solar Village Foundation (SVF). The project involves the following at the minimum:

  1. Installation of 10 Solar Street Lights with the donor's name on a granite stone (sample pdf file attached) Provide one Solar Smart Class (40 inch LCD TV with educational content apps for Grade 1-5, Staff training, 5 years of maintenance contract, solar panels and other equipments so that this operates only with solar power, installation included)
  2. $5000 – To sponsor a village to provide 10 Solar street lights and 1 Solar Smart Class (no limit on no of lights as 20-30 lights can go for bigger villages), or a combination of 2 power plants and 1 smart class or 1 power plants, 1 smart class and few street lights etc within the budget.

Matching contribution from SVF/other donor foundations - Rs. 45000

Matching donation from other agencies is a possibility once we achieve the minimum contribution target set those agencies. If this is achieved at a later date, then we will bring in additional street lights completely free of cost.

Even before this funding request went alive to public, we got the following commitments

  1. $10,000 pledge from Dr. P. Chockalingam and Mrs. Mallika Chockalingam for Rangiem village.
  2. $5000 from few families of O.Siruvayal who want to adopt their village jointly.
  3. Adoption of Ilayatrakudi Village by Dr. Venkatachalam and Mrs. Alagu Venkatachalam

Hope you can help us in this noble cause. If you can work with few people from your town and come up with the donation of $5000 or more, it will be a good payback for your town where you will establish a permanent structure to help them with alternate source of energy.

We have a gofundme request created for this purpose and any donation amount is welcome on or before Oct 31, 2018.

(click here to initiate the donation or see the details of the projects)

Please pay the donation amount as soon as possible without waiting for all others to come so that we can show the funds collected as a source for getting matching grants from International agencies.