Our Objective

"Giving Back to the Society"

Solar Village Foundation (SVF) is a Charitable Trust started on 27th April, 2018 by
Dr. Nachiappan Narayanan with the sole purpose of providing free solar solutions to the villages in Tamilnadu. The primary objective is to provide Solar Street Lights to the villages and secondary is providing solar power plants to the local temples at the request of donors. Camps will also be conducted with the help of Solar dealers and Universities to educate the local residents on the use and benefits of solar energy. If this project becomes successful, the SVF will engage in other Rural Development projects at a later stage as necessary. The projects will be funded through donations from US and other countries.

The Founder Chairman Dr. Nachiappan and Founder Trustee Mrs. Shanthi Nachiappan (PN.N. House, Kandramanickam and currently residing in New Jersey) has pledged Rs. 500,000 to start the activities. The main portion of this donation will be used for providing Solare Street Lights to Kandramanickam and Therkkupattu villages. Additionally from their donation, Solar Power Plants will be installed at Sri Manicka Nachiamman Temple of Kandramanickam and Sri Manicka Nachiamman Temple (Moolasthana temple) of Therkkupattu.

Dr. T.C. Meyappan and Mrs. Kaveri Meyappan (Kandramanickam and currently residing in New York) has pledged Rs. 400,000 to provide Solar Street Lights to Kandramanickam Village.

One of the projects in the initial phase is to provide independent Solar Street Lights free of cost to the following villages in a phased manner based on the donor's request and available funds. The number of solar lights to be installed will be based on the size and need of each village ranging from 5 to 25.

  1. Kandramanickam
  2. Therkkupattu
  3. Kongarathi
  4. Keelakkottai
  5. Kathapattu
  6. Pattamangalam
  7. Karungulam
  8. Chockanathapuram
  9. Paganeri
  10. Madagupatti
  11. O.Siruvayal
  12. Vairavanpatti
  13. Pillayarpatti
  14. Mathur
  15. Illuppakudi
  16. Soorakkudi
  17. Nemam
  18. Ilayathangudi
  19. Iraniyur
  20. Velangudi
  21. Nattarasankottai
  1. Kandavarayanpatti
  2. Thekkur
  3. Nerkuppai
  4. Sirukoodalpatti
  5. Nemathanpatti
  6. Puduvayal
  7. Venthanpatti
  8. Aravayal - Shanmuganathapuram
  9. Arimalam
  10. Kadiapatti
  11. Keelapungudi
  12. Kulipirai
  13. Nachandupatti
  14. Nachiapuram
  15. Natrajapuram
  16. Okkur
  17. Sembanur
  18. Konapet
  19. Athangudi
  20. Anaikatti Tribal village (Near Coimbatore) - Likely to be a joint project with a Local Lions Club
  21. Kulasekarapattinam (Near Tiruchendur)

The second project involves providing Solar Power Plants to schools and some popular temples to reduce the power bills ranging from Rs. 2000-5000 per month. This project will be done along with providing Solar Street Lights to those villages.

The third project involves providing Solar Smart Class to Elementary schools. Under this program, SELCO will provide 42" LCD TV with all Samacheer Kalvi content which will operate on Solar energy. The teachers will be given a training on the operation of the tool. SELCO will also provide 5 years of maintenance of equipment and updates of content.

Please donate liberally to bring lights to the villages and help the temples we all go and pray to keep the energy cost at the lowest. If you like to adopt a village in your name or family, please donate Rs. 100,000 and the funds will be used to provide either 5 street lights to the village you name or provide a 1KV solar power plant to a temple of your choice. Donor's name for any adopted village will be put on a sign board. We are currently working with some non profit organizations to channel any large donations for tax savings.